From back-of-the-napkin idea to wide distribution, BetterBox has you covered. Once you’ve experienced our hands-on, bespoke approach to production, you’ll have a studio partner for life. And you’ll wonder what took you so long.


We'll help you brainstorm your idea and get it ready to shoot. Already have your concept worked out and ready to shoot? Great. On to step two.

Pre Pro

Pre-production. This is where the real work happens. Art design, storyboards, show rundowns, schedule, camera selection, mic tuning, hitting marks, finding beats, and full show prep.


Finding, booking and following up with guests is a lot of work. Like, SO much work. We'll take the pain out of guest booking.

Floor & Booth

While you're making your magic in front of the camera (or mic), someone has to keep things moving in the back of the house. Our engineers, PAs, floor managers and supervising producers are ready to make your show run smoothly.


You'd rather take raw files and cut them together yourself? Great. But if you want us to help add some professional polish, our folks know their way around every NLE in the game: Final Cut, Premiere, Avid, Davinci. You name it.


Now you've got a show in the can. (There's a cream for that) What do we do with it? Network pitch? YouTube channel? Roku? Vimeo? Whatever it is, we know how it works.

BetterBox on Roku!

The WHY Files

Stalk Us!

BetterBox is all over the web. Find us on your favorite social media platform and say hi! We're all family, right? Well, except for that creepy uncle who, you know, did that thing that one time.

We don't talk about him.


Ready to pitch us your idea? Or pitch us half of an idea? All good. We’re in this together now.